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Lama A. Al-Aswad, MD, MPH                         Dinah Chen, MD                                        Nicholas Neissa                                   Vipul Patel

Lama A. Al-Aswad, MD, MPH   Chief Executive Officer                  

She is a key opinion leader in the field of ophthalmology, specifically in innovation. She was previously director of ophthalmologic innovation and AI and a leader in telemedicine at NYU and has extensive experience working with industry on remote technologies and ophthalmic devices. She started a mobile tele-eye care screening unit for ocular health, and implemented the for first kiosk for ophthalmology to improve access to care in underserved areas in NYC. She has served as an Primary Investigator, Investigator and Co-investigator in 30 clinical trials and serves or has served on the editorial board of Ophthalmology Glaucoma, Ophthalmology Science, and EyeNet. She has served as an editor and reviewer for numerous ophthalmologic jounrals.

Dinah Chen, MD   Medical Director

She is an NYU-trained ophthalmologist and former chief resident, is the innovation fellow at NYU ophthalmology, where she is working on AI and device development. She completed medical school at Case Western and her undergraduate studies in public policy and international affairs at Princeton University. With a background in global health she has worked for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Her policy work includes early development work to establish a Tobacco Control Center in sub-Saharan Africa and value-based care initiatives, domestically. 


Nicholas Neissa   Creative Director

Game and Software Developer in New York City. He majored in Game Design at New York University and was among the first class to graduate from their undergraduate program. I have had a passion for creating games for many years now and am following that passion professionally.

Vipul Patel   Technical Officer

He was the manager and IT expert of the NYU ophthalmology innovation lab. He has decades of experience establishing/overseeing multiple mobile screening units through prior work as the director of operations at The Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundation and at NYU. Vipul designed/protoyped a remote vision-screening, app the NYU EyeTest, which is EMR-integrated.

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